I will take my time developing this blog, my being new to social media. I hope to be accurate and at times, provocative [silver-tongued]. I am not a super fan of football. By this I mean I am not a stats man. Football has long been in my blood and as a youth I played Pop Warner and high school ball. Further play was sabotaged by a torn ACL that never recuperated with the medicine of the day. So, I love the game and look to my gut level on most topics using statistics only if required to prove a point or comment. I was born a Raiders fan and will return to the Earth as a pile of Black N Silver soil.

One area I plan to focus on is loyalty and the bunk rap Raider fans get from both media and other fans. Currently as I understand it the “stadium incident” reports at O.Com stadium rank 15th in NFL stadiums with our cross bay rival coming in at a shameful #2.


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